An Open Letter to Dr. David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries

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I just received Dr. David Reagan’s newest e-article from his Lamb and Lion Ministries, and was quite suprised at what I read. With the growth of apostasy into mysticism in today’s Christian churches, I was suprised by the article’s contents. My hope is that if we would all begin to ask questions of our church leaders or beloved ministry leaders when they seemingly step-off the narrow path that leads to Heaven, we would begin to see healthy accountability. Here is a link to his article for your review: (Edit: As of January 2013, this article is no longer accessible! I will continue to see if I can locate it.)

And here is my response (I will post their response as soon as I receive it):

Mr. Reagan,

I just received your most recent article on Standing for Righteousness. Sir, while I most appreciate your wisdom, I do take issue with the article and I am hoping for your ear.

I agree that all too often Christians stay on the sidelines when it comes to “action”, however, I did not see one Biblical reference supporting your suggestions to, “Pray that God would burden your heart with an issue, ask for his guidance in how to act, and then, “Just Do It!” Biblical support leans more towards the Great Commission- spreading the Gospel, Truth, and NOT toward enacting social change. If we are doing our job of spreading Truth, hearts and minds will be changed which will, in turn, change behaviors. Not to imply that I am against standing on the street corner at an abortion clinic, sharing Truth with women entering it’s ranks.

It seems your article advocated mysticism. With no Biblical support for your suggestions, you simply claim that God will lay it on your heart, which seems to imply extra-Biblical revelation. His Word tells us that it contains ALL we need pertaining to life and godliness. 2 Tim 3:16,17

Further, and more specifically, I see no Biblical support to say that we don’t have enough time or room to care about or fight all evils. First of all, our greatest example, Christ, was not an outspoken advocate for or against the social ills, barring apostasy, but was greatly concerned that the Word was spread. So, in Him, our greatest fight is in sharing Truth and in resisting deception!

Sir, my heart was further grieved when I read your example included, “A Monk Who Challenged An Empire.” Telemachus, a monk he was, a noted eastern aesthetic (eastern mystic). You claim he, “lived alone as a hermit seeking God.” We have many examples of mystics who lived their lives as hermits “seeking (g)od”, but a Christian that does not make. I fear when I see Christian leaders compromising on the Truth’s of Scripture to give examples of non-Christian good deeds, especially when Scripture is replete with Godly martyrs. Further, you included a quote by Edward Gibbon. I disagree with the quote, as I believe it really only applies, and greatly so, to our King, but more importantly, Mr. Gibbon converted to Roman Catholicism at an early age (which I would hope you wouldn’t argue is a Christian faith) and his book from which you retrieved that quote, The Decline and Fall…, was, for a time banned in several countries because of it’s aggressively anti-religion/ anti-Christian content and it’s highly anti-Semitic content. Also, he was a noted champion of Enlightenment.

I am concerned that you either agree with your post, or you were unaware of the truths of what you posted. We, as you know, are being confronted with a mysticism movement within the ranks of Christianity that I believe has grown to such a terrifying size it surely is the great falling away. True Christians are seeking after teachers of Truth in these dark days, not wanting to be perverted by those lacking discernment. I pray that you will consider my words and look forward to your response.

I pray, “That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God.” Col 1:10

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Posted on February 19th 2010 in Religion and Spirituality

19 Responses to “An Open Letter to Dr. David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries”

  1. ken Says:

    Did you read the WHOLE article by David Reagan? 

  2. COZIII Says:


  3. admin Says:

    COZ- I can see from your nearly incoherant post that you are one of the many deceived people in these last days. Why you would take issue with my concerns rather than investigate it for yourself, I cannot understand. True Christians do not require a defense ministry for the things they say, but should welcome a faithful Berean desiring insight into what they are promoting. Would you not agree? Further, your post does not clear up the issue that I had with Lamb and Lion Ministries, which has now grown as I have come to understand that Nathan Jones, an "internet evangelist", promotes Christian use of the Harry Potter books. You simply stated some incoherant opinion and then went on to talk about how wonderful your personal disciplines are. It makes me think of the Scripture that tells us, "But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth." Matt 6:3 You are bragging much like the Jewish leaders of Christ's day, "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone." Does it matter if you are so-called reading the Bible regularly if you do not put it ALL into practice? We must question those who profess to be teachers of the Scripture when they are promoting doctrines contrary to the doctrine we have learned! Lastly, if you really do read the Scripture as you say you do, then you would know that it is not the "lamb" who will know his voice, but the sheep. Just to clarify…

  4. Morgan Sorensen Says:

    Well spoken, “Admin”, This “CozIII” fella sounds like a ‘nut case’. And your concerns are real. David Reagan has refused to have a debate with me on his false teachings of eschatology and the prophetic scriptures.
    Actually, he is not even “born again”, as He believes he was “saved” in water baptism, (He is a “church of Christ” member, not to be misconstrued with the “true Church of Christ)and believes in “baptismal regeneration”
    not understanding that water baptism is “not the putting away the filth of the flesh”.(1.Pet.3:21)
    I doubt you will receve any response from Dave Reagan.

  5. Evelyn Ripley Says:

    The link you provided for the article in question doesn’t seem to work. It doesn’t take me to the article. Do you have another link?

  6. ezra Says:

    “Dave” Reagan is a self-proclaimed prophet who thinks he is doing the Lord’s work. I admire his enthusiasm and activity, but it is misguided from the start. I agree that America is ready for destruction and admit that God causes nations to rise or fall. I agree that America truly prospered as it was faithful to the Word and when it operated under Biblically moral and ethical principles.

    BUT Dave deceives himself and others when he believes that God cares for an actual nation of Israel. Jesus welcomed the people but ALWAYS rejected the idea of Israel being blessed simply because of ancestry or locality. He turned over the tables of the Jews and warned them to flee from the wrath that would come upon them (AD 70). JESUS is the fulfillment of all Scripture, esp Revelation–and NOT the nation. ISRAEL is ALL who place their lives into God’s hand, as they trust that the fulfillment is based on Jesus.

    Following Dave Reagan is following a successfully pompous ass, who is full of himself and loves the attention. Don’t give this arrogant false prophet a dime.

  7. ezra Says:

    Be very wary of those who claim to be experts on the Book of Revelation. Such “experts” founded organizations like the Jehovah Witnesses, The “Latter-Day Saints” (Mormons), Church of God (H Armstrong), Christian Science, Seventh-Day Adventists. Examined together, you can see how wide and deviant these “experts” are. Other “experts” include David Coresh (Branch Davidian Cult, TX, destroyed by US govt), Jimmy Jones (Founder of Jonestown, who poisoned his followers with cyanide-laced grape kool-aid –600 adults, 275 children– when it was under investigation by U.S.–giving birth to phrase: “So, you drank the kool-aid, huh?”), Heaven’s Gate (where followers killed themselves to be resurrected on the third day as new witnesses for God), Harold Camping (who most recently believed he had predicted the world’s end–to his own great ridicule). Thousands of cults are based on the Book of Revelation. This Book IS the Word of God, but its great message points to the continual struggle of evil against the people of God; the book uses symbol not as a code for WHEN things happen, but HOW things will happen, repeatedly and more horrifically, through the ages until Christ comes again in judgment. Israel, namely Jewish & Gentile believers in Christ, will be vindicated. Judgment will happen. Happy times for believers. Sad for opponents. Amen.

  8. Dianne Says:

    Raegan is a FORMER member of the Church of Christ religion. Sites like these deceive people with half truths.

  9. Verlie Leeper Says:

    I am a born again Christian who has been an avid reader and student of Dr. Reagan’s articles for many years and I find comments in all these remarks atrocious, mind-boggling and outright lies. If it were not for the existence of satan on this earth I would find most of the horrible things said about Dr. Reagan shocking but the author of these remarks against him is so obvious to a Holy Spirit filled person.

  10. Vanessa Tucker Says:

    I am 1st a born again believer of my Savior Jesus Christ. I support Dave Reagan and his ministry at Lamb lion with my prayers and belief for their integrity. Dr Reagan always backs up his teachings with the inerrant, infallible Word of God. The Holy Bible is GOD breathed not just mans word. It is sharper than a 2 edged sword. Dr Reagan is trying to give warning to those who are ignorant, using Gods Word to bring them knowledge of emd times. If you will stop critizing him, listen to his teaching, back it up by studying the Bible yourselves, you will gain knowledge and understanding. I thank God for this ministry. It is one of which can be trusted.

  11. Mom4Truth Says:

    Vanessa, and the other Reagan apologists-

    Satan quoted Scripture to Christ when He was in the desert. I am not moved when the Wolf knows Scripture and utilizes it to suit their purposes. I look at peripheral items and fruit, as Scripture commends us to do. We are to judge righteous judgment. (John 7:24)

    A quick glance at his website shows me he links to fellow wolves such as Chuck Missler, Thomas Ice (buddies with Tim LaHaye, disciple of Sun Myung Moon), JR Church, Jimmy DeYoung, he directly links to Tim LaHaye’s website (again, a disciple of Moon, who accepted worship as Christ). He is also 501c3, which means he has unequally yoked himself up with the government, contrary to God’s command in 2 Corinthians 6:14.

    You cannot defend, Scripturally, his quoting a mystic monk as a model for true Christians to follow! Mysticm is evil and it is syncretism, which demands the righteous judgment of God!

    He also promoted a form of listening prayer when he suggested one ask God for direction and then listen for Him to tell you what area you should help in. Find that in Scripture. You can’t. He clearly tells us in Hebrews 1:1-2, “God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son…” Christ says He is the Word. He speaks to us through His Word, not through private manifestations of the heart. 2 Peter 1:20 “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.”

    Galatians 6:10 “As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.”

    Scripture already teaches us that we should serve others in our mission to spread Truth. This goes without saying. Why do we need the added affectionary benefit of the experiential social gospel, not derived from Scripture, I might add, and the quote from an eastern mystic to simply say, “Obey the Word.”

    Ahhhhh- cha ching!

  12. The Whyman Says:

    Somewhat off topic, but dealing with the recent errors of David Reagan:

  13. Mom4Truth Says:

    Thank you, Whyman. I read your blog post about Missler, Markell, and Barger. Your post was not at all off topic, but perfectly relevant when considering the whole of someone’s fruit, or in his case, works of the flesh.

    I would like to spend more time on your blog. I did notice an “image” of what is supposed to represent Christ near the bottom of your page, but have not dug deeper to find out why you have it on there. We avoid all images the world has created, first because of God’s command that we do so, and secondly, because we have no earthly clue what our Savior looks like. No picture can stand as any semblance of a representation of the Son of Man.

    Thank you for visiting and I look forward to word back.

  14. jason Says:

    TO anyone that is using the NIV, etc., your foundation has to be based on truths. The person who said that the bible is the infalliable and inspired word of GOD, it is of course, but not mere books written from the alexandrian manuscripts. Do some reasearch, seek GOD for truths….I love you whoever you are….

  15. Dwayne Says:

    I am just a uneducated born again believer with the common sense God gave me. So maybe I don’t qualify to comment, but it seems to me either you agree or disagree with a teacher. If you disagree just move on, don’t try to take the place of one when it clearly seems that some of you are looking for knowledge but would rather dispute the very ones in which you are trying to get it from.

  16. Raymond Harper Says:

    I too take issue with Dr. Reagans latest post on the conditionilist view of hell! Dr.Reagan is leaning towards the annhilist view of hell! His facebook page also has moderators who ban those who make comments based upon scripture !apostacy is running rampant

  17. Ginny Bell Says:

    I need to say that I thank GOD for using Dave Reagan and his radio program to save me. I was a very very devout Roman catholic when God used his ministry to wake me up. He was talking about Catholicism which made me mad at what he was saying but it got me to read the Bible for myself and I was going to prove him wrong but instead the Word Of God showed me I was wrong and Dave was right. I couldn’t put down the Bible I read it cover to cover many times and I got on my knees and asked JESUS to come and be my LORD and Savior and I repented of all my sins and let JESUS take over and I have never been the same. Today I just got done listening to a couple of his video’s which were awesome. One was “Christ In Prophecy: The Millennium and the other is :Season of the Lords Return. My spirit was just so happy to listen to it. I Thank my GOD for the people HE brings into my life to grow in HIM.

  18. James Says:

    Mom4Truth – I would like documentary EVIDENCE please that Chuck Missler is one of the ‘wolves’ in the flock. as you so identify in ’11’ above.

    Naturally I shall discount such commentary if the indisputable clear evidence is not evinced. Thanks :)

  19. Matt R. Says:

    David Reagan is obsessed with Israel and fails to the see the big picture of what is currently going on in the world, including the massive degradation of individual, economic, and civil liberties here in the United States and the continued move by entities such as the UN the Catholic Church towards one religion and one government, etc.

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