A Call in the Dark

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Is anyone still out here with us?


Our foot prints still mark the path as we trudge along. I mistakenly typed ‘alone’ with an ‘e’ rather than ‘along’, but the words are interchangeable. Along we go. Alone. When we started on this straight and narrow path to Truth, we could look around and see many with us. And as we continued forward, so many of those began looking back towards Sodom, and we ran on ahead, leaving many pillars of salt behind us. The pillars have come to far surpass those still running ahead with us.

I haven’t blogged in a very long time. I had to spend a long time going through old comments. Some refreshed me, some were written by people who had a slight idea of Truth, and yet promote things on their own blog that the Bible outright disagrees with, and some people continue to argue, defending every ounce of flesh they seek to maintain.

The posts on David Reagan sparked quite the rebellion. Every post on any given blog that dares call out false teaching is met with the usual apologists, defending their chosen ‘messiah’. If only people would defend the Word of God with such voracity! When faced with facts, when faced with documentation, when faced with Scriptural defense (which, by the way, is the only standard), what is their to possibly argue about? And Reagan is simply a stand-in for any number of people’s apostate pet-doctrines. Every false “Christian” has one. They may agree with you on many points, but eventually, the tares out themselves. 1 John 2:19 “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.”

Here’s the deal. I am not interested in your opinion. I want the Word. And you know what? I’ll offer you the same. Because, who cares what my opinion is? Our only guide, our only compass navigating these dark and snowy woods is the Word of God. It is a lamp unto our feet and light unto our path. (Psalm 119:105) Check yourself against it. Dare to hold yourself, your opinions, your thoughts up to the Light.

1 John 1:6 “If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth.”

Daniel 2:22 “He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.”

Proverbs 20:27 “The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly.”

Proverbs 6:23 “For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life.”

Where are you, Saints?



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Posted on January 14th 2013 in Uncategorized

11 Responses to “A Call in the Dark”

  1. Berean Gal Says:

    The Word is the only thing we can cling to, it is the written Word of God. Jesus is revealed through the Word. Life and Godliness.
    Sweet and precious promises.

  2. Mom4Truth Says:

    There she is- my sweet, little Berean Gal! He is the Word and we must walk therein.


  3. Berean Gal Says:

    Howdy! How ya doin’?
    I just happened to check your BLOG and saw your newest post. Had to comment.
    Hope you are well.

  4. Paul (Continue in His Word) Says:

    Hi mom4truth,
    I was glad to meet you again online on DTW after a looooooooooooong time!
    Thanks for adding your voice to that conversation on Hunt.
    I too am walking on that narrow and looooooooooonely path. And it becomes even lonelier by the day.
    Hope you are well.
    Your companion in tribulation,

  5. Mom4Truth Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I really thought your screen name seemed familiar on DTW but would never remember where I had seen it last.

    In reference to the Hunt conversation, Hunt really is a fill-in for any number of names one tries to call out in this present dark world surrounding us. People weep and gnash their teeth if you attempt to warn the flock. I naively thought for so long people would be as thankful as I to learn of error their leaders/teachers were promoting, alas I was wrong. The reaction is visceral and violent, and very few will concede even while faced with facts. As I mentioned, I have been that lone individual so many times and have stood entirely alone. While reading the comments, I immediately saw the popular vote had turned against you and I can really sympathize. But more than just sticking up for a fellow Berean, it is always important to me to CONTEND for the Truth! When I see Truth maligned, fiery indignation wells up within me and, as Jeremiah aptly expresses, His Word is like a burning fire in my bosom- I have to say something! Thank you, Paul, for contending, despite being the object of wrath for it. I have continued to read the comments (before they were apparently deleted?) and have been impressed with your poise and dignity, meekness, temperance, and willingness to continue to share Truth when given the opportunity, even while battling the sarcasm speckled throughout the responses. I trust you will know the right time to dust off your feet and no longer cast your pearls before swine. Until then, stand on the box in the middle of Ninevah proclaiming Truth!

    Thank you, lastly, for your encouraging reference to being a “companion in tribulation”. As I’m sure you would agree, there are very few companions left out here in this wilderness. I readily anticipate our family reunion before the King of Kings and our great cloud of witnesses!

    Looking forward to a word back from you.


  6. Paul (Continue in His Word) Says:

    Hi Mom,

    thanks for replying.
    We are living in the Great Falling Away prophesied in Scripture.
    I don’t know who will be left standing. Let’s cling to that Sure Anchor, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Let’s hold fast to that blessed hope.
    Let’s “buy the truth, and sell it not”. Let’s love and uphold the truth, all the truth, more than our own lives.

    I have cried almost all the tears of my eyes as I see the speed at which the deception is sweeping multitudes from all sides. I keep asking myself: Why me, Lord? why have you chosen to show me these things that almost nobody around me seems to see nor to care about?
    I have never been so lonely on this pilgrimage since our gracious Lord snatched out of “Babylon” so to speak, and started me on this journey. Yet I am not alone, we are lonely humanly speaking, but He who has promised is ever with us!

    Thank you for your kind words. All the glory goes to Jesus, the Truth we are contending for. “For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing”. Yet I will “acknowledge every good thing which is in me IN Christ Jesus.”

    We are all made up of the same clay, and my flesh too could overtake me as well as any other, but by the grace of God I try to subdue it everyday, that Christ may shine.
    Speaking about Hunt, have I touched a swarm of bees or what?

    The Lord is near, very near.

    Isa 62:6 I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence,

  7. Paul (Continue in His Word) Says:


    you made the following comment on DTW:
    “Plus, TBC is 501c3 government-yoked-up-red-taped-bound-government-gives-me-the-right-to-exist entity, despite the Lord’s warnings to not be unequally yoked nor to let your left hand know you are giving with your right. The 501c3 bondage marker is the first thing I look for when I’m suggested a link or leader.”

    I agree entirely with you. I had been thinking about it for a while as the Lord was showing me the problem with that, and your comment just brought the final conviction to my heart.

    I shared that concern at the business meeting of the church we are “member” of. the meeting was for reviewing and approving the red-tape financial statements for last fiscal year. I’m glad I did. I added that the Registered Charity status (that is the Canadian equivalent of 501c3) is the “kiss of death” from the Government and that 100 years ago it did not exist, and that is what Constantine did when he went from persecuting to church to embracing “christianity”
    Of course my concern was dismissed.
    God help us in this critical hour!

  8. Mom4Truth Says:


    I appreciate you sharing that. It was something I was ignorant of for a long time and am blessed the Lord opened my eyes to it.

    The fact that so many sign up under its yoke and so many more don’t care (like “Redeemed” on DTW who snidely remarked that there is nothing wrong with it.) For years Redeemed has made up her own theology often directly opposed to God’s Truth and people are supposed to simply believe it because she says so. That’s the mindset of today- man’s opinion over God’s Word.

    You’re right- this is the critical hour. The loneliness is palpable.

    Why? Why do so many reject God’s Truth for man’s opinion?

    Thanks be to God for opening our eyes at this late hour!

  9. Angela Says:

    What is DTW, just curious.

    I am out here too.

  10. Mom4Truth Says:

    Hi Angela-

    Thanks for your message. DTW stands for Discerning the World.

    May I have your permission to email you?

  11. Angela Says:

    You may certainly email. I hope you continue to blog.

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